Texas Tech University

Megan Writt

Megan Writt

TTU Prelaw Ambassador

      Hi, my name is Megan Writt. I am a junior at Texas Tech majoring in Psychology with a minor in Legal Studies. I believe I bring a different viewpoint to the role of a PreLaw Ambassador. When I first started at Tech I actually planned on pursuing a degree in the medical field. After my freshman year of pre-med classes, I was positive the medical field was not for me. So, I took an aptitude test and it steered me in the direction of psychology and law. Previously, I hadn’t considered psychology or law. I also joined some different clubs and organizations that piqued my interest. One organization that I joined was the PreLaw Program. After joining the Pre-Law program and attending the PreLaw Academy this past summer, I know that law is the right path for me and I am looking forward to a bright future.


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