Texas Tech University

Natalia Tsokos

TTU Prelaw Ambassador

Natalia Tsokos is a sophomore at Texas Tech University where she is majoring in Social Work with a minor in Legal Studies. She loves to read, travel, and LAUGH. Natalia feels honored to be able to a part of the Texas Tech PreLaw program. Natalia has learned so much about pursuing a future in law and has made some great friends along the way.           

     Natalia is a firm believer in being the change you want to see and she thinks practicing law will allow her to do that. Natalia wants to pursue Child Advocacy Law and be able to stand up for a child that cannot stand up for themselves. Natalia doesn't think any child's life should fall short from a safe, loving, and encouraging.

     Natalia is undecided on where she wants to attend Law School. Her main focus as a sophomore is to prepare herself for the application process and do well on the LSAT. She believes she will end up at the right school for her when the time comes. In the meantime, she's focused on the work it takes to get in! 

Natalia Tsokos