Texas Tech University

Becoming a PreLaw Assistant/Ambassador

The TTU PreLaw Program is designed to provide information and outreach to current and prospective PreLaw students. Much of this important work is done by PreLaw Program Assistants and Ambassadors. PreLaw Assistants/Ambassadors are academically successful students that have earned more than 30 semesters hours. Program Assistants/Ambassadors will be responsible for identifying, gathering, collecting and dispersing general information to all PreLaw students. This group of students will be responsible for supporting the continual growth of the TTU PreLaw Program through their participation in and outreach for PreLaw workshops and seminars, community service events, electronic media, and student gatherings.

PreLaw Ambassadors develop skills that will serve them well during the law school application process such as clear communication, professionalism and the opportunity to network with other students also going to law school.

Students wishing to apply must meet the following requirements to be considered for an ambassador position:

  • Full-time student (enrolled at Texas Tech University in at least 12 hours for both the Fall 2015 and Spring 2016 semesters)
  • Must be a PreLaw student (of any major) who has completed two or more semesters at Texas Tech University by May 2015
  • Must have (and maintain) a cumulative GPA of at least 3.0 (TTU and transfer GPA combined)
  • Ability to maintain confidentiality
  • Exhibit strong interpersonal communication skills and high level of comfort with public speaking
  • Ability to be a positive and productive team member, combining both structure and flexibility
  • Enthusiasm and eagerness to promote the TTU PreLaw Program and represent PreLaw students at Texas Tech University
  • Agree to commit an average of 3 hours per week to the TTU PreLaw Program outreach and promotion efforts, in addition to consistently attending ALL monthly PreLaw Team meetings and monthly PreLaw Roundtables.

Other tasks PreLaw Program Ambassadors may participate in:

PreLaw Mentoring

  • Attend law school programs with students.
  • Communicate monthly with PreLaw students via the PreLaw Brief
  • Help students with the law school application process including personal statement writing, taking practice LSAT, and discussing letters of recommendation.
  • Create and update sample documents including:
    • Resumes
    • Personal statements
    • LSAT study guides
    • Road map to Law School

PreLaw Outreach

  • Represent TTU PreLaw students at national workshops
  • Support PreLaw students at Red Raider Orientation, University Day, and special TTU or regional events
  • Recruit students to attend PreLaw workshops
  • Recruit students to attend regional and national conferences
  • Gather annual personal evaluation of PreLaw student experiences (with/without TTU PreLaw Program)
  • Speak to classes and student organizations about the PreLaw Program

PreLaw Ambassador Chair Positions

The PreLaw Ambassadors Program announces two Chair positions within the Ambassador Program: Social Media Chair and Advertising and Communications Chair. To apply to one of these Chair positions you will need to complete the Ambassador application AND the Ambassador Chair Application. You must first be selected as an Ambassador to hold a Chair position. Previous service as an Ambassador is preferred but not required.

Ambassador Chair Responsibilities

Social Media

  • Monitor Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and the Blog for qualify information
  • Post PreLaw information to Facebook, Twitter, Instragram, and the blog
  • Find ways to create more interest in PreLaw through social media
  • Present status reports on social media statistics twice each semester
  • Research resources to find interesting and applicable to post
  • Recruiting followers
  • Work with the Advertising and Communication Chair, Program Assistant, and PreLaw Coordinators to push a concrete message for events and for the program in general
  • Work with the Undergraduate Education Marketing, campus partners, and external partners as necessary

Advertising & Communications

  • Create semester and event specific advertising campaigns
  • Draft communications to be sent to campus and the PreLaw population
  • Create communications that help us maintain and create relationships with law schools
  • Researching advertising and communication options and determining what ways could be implemented in the PreLaw Program
  • Work with the Social Media Chair, Program Assistant, and PreLaw Coordinators to push a concrete message for events and for the program in general
  • Work with the Undergraduate Education Marketing, campus partners, and external partners as necessary

If you have further questions please feel free to contact us at prelaw@ttu.edu.