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Where Do TTU Undergrads Go to Law School?

Data is from LSAC action reports, 2002-2007, Rankings are based on US News and World Report

Your goal should be to find a law program that matches you in a holistic manner. You want a Law School that fits you on many different levels including LSAT score, GPA, cost, location, philosophy of teaching, types of law emphasized, and a multitude of other factors. LSAT scores and GPA are obviously not the only factors that influence your acceptance to law school, they are however, the most important. When applying to Law School, you should know what scores a specific school has accepted in the past. Use this as a resource to help you being the process of applying to Law School.

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Listed are the averages for Texas Tech undergraduates (last updated 2008) that have been accepted to and/or attended these specific law schools. Click on the name of the school and you will receive a list of all the scores that comprise that average so you can compare yourself academically. Remember, this is a resource to help you start the process of looking at law schools, to see which schools match your academic statistics. According to the Law School Admissions Council, the average student applies to 5 law schools. We hope these statistics will help you find your target schools.