Books and Websites of interest!

Books to Consider

Female student studying
  • Law School Survival Guide by J.D. Jungle
  • A Civil Action by Jonathan Harr
  • One L:The Turbulent True Story of a First Year at Harvard Law School by Scott Turow
  • Law School Confidential: The Complete Law School Survival Guide by Robert H. Miller
  • Slaying the Law School Dragon - How to Survive and Thrive In First Year Law School by George Roth
  • Emanuel's First Year Q & A's by Steve Emanuel
  • Planet Law School: What You Need to Know (Before You Go)...but Didn't Know to Ask by Atticus Falcon
  • Getting to Maybe: How to Excel on Law School Exams by Richard Fischl and Jeremy Paul
  • With Justice For All? The Nature of the American Legal System by Michael Ross Fowler
  • Law School Without Fear-Strategies for Success by Helene and Marshall Shapo
  • A Hope in the Unseen by Ron SuskindAn
  • Introduction to Legal Reasoning by Edward H. Levi
  • Journey to Justice by Johnnie Cochran
  • Law 101 by Jay M. Feinman
  • Anatomy of a Murder by Robert Traver
  • A Life in the Law by the American Bar Association

Web sites with helpful information

    Site offers information about the LSAT and Law School Forums. Register online here for the LSAT, and subscribe with the LSDAS.
    The official site of the American Bar Association.
    The official source of relevant information pertinent to students at Texas Tech University who are interested in attending law school.
  • The Council on Legal Education Opportunity uses its website to provide law school-bound students with information about applying to law schools and preparing applications.
    Law 360 offers information, advice, and product recommendations concerning Law School admission, the LSAT, financial aid, and careers.
    This site contains listings of Law School prep courses across the Nation.
    Each of these sites offers editorial services for personal statements.
    Access Group provides information about loans for Graduate and Professional students
    Internet Legal Resource Guide web site offers a categorized web guide of Internet resources for Law School applicants and pre-law students.