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How do I decide the specific schools to which I will apply?

There are a wide variety of factors to consider when deciding which schools to apply to. There are also a number of sources that can help you in determining which school is right for you. Here are a few topics that should be on your mind when deciding upon a law school in the future.

Items to consider when deciding upon a law school:

  • Reach Schools - Dream School; 20% or less were accepted with your scores
  • Target Schools - Your LSAT score and GPA are the median
  • Safety Schools - 80% with your scores were accepted

*For more information, check out law school catalogs*

*Law school catalogs are also available for check-out through the PreLaw Program*

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Personal factors that may contribute to your choice may include:

  • The composition of the students; i.e. race, gender, age stratification, etc...
  • Average class size
  • Curriculum options
  • Part-time/evening/summer classes
    *There are several law schools across the nation that offer part-time programs as well. This link breaks down the available programs by each state.*
  • The cost of living in that community
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Once you have refined your search to a specific law school; here are a few questions you should research. Understanding these will help you transition into the atmosphere of your respective law school.

  • Opportunities for research and writing
  • Regional/national job placement history/Starting salaries
  • Internship/cooperative opportunities/clerkships
  • Social/support organizations/guest speakers/symposia
  • National or local reputation and noted faculty
  • Private or state school
  • Computer access, Technology used in the classroom
  • Journal options/competitiveness
  • Disability support/access
  • Nightlife/Cultural opportunities
  • Academic support system
  • Job availability for spouse/Reasonably priced child care