Texas Tech University

College is for Everyone

If you have the desire and determination to pursue a degree in highereducation, then you have come to the right place. Texas Tech University believes firmly that, "From Here, It's Possible." But more than what we believe, we're committed to providing you with the opportunity to make "Possible" your own reality.

There are many reasons people believe they could never be successful in college. Many of them stem from socio-economic or ethnic groups that have been historically under-represented in colleges and universities everywhere. The great news is that, while these groups have been historically under-represented, Texas Tech University, along with many other great institutions, is working deliberately to make certain that everyone has access to earn a college degree.

This page exists to inform current and prospective students of the many access-oriented programs and initiatives, and events that exist to engage, educate, empower, and encourage you. We've sought to start from your perspective, so scroll down the page to look for characteristics that may describe you. Where certain programs target multiple groups, we've listed them again and again, to make certain that you can find the resources that will ultimately help you achieve your academic goals.

Populations represented here include:

  • ethnic groups
  • first generation college students
  • physically challenged
  • low socio-economic background
  • non-US citizens & internationals
  • women
  • non-traditional students

We're always working to add links to connect you with the groups that serve each of these populations, but encourage you to consider all of the information available in the TTU Diversity Viewbook online. The viewbook was a collaborative effort of many offices and programs to better communicate the rich diversity of the Texas Tech community to those who have yet to experience it for themselves. The initiative was spearheaded by the Office of Institutional Diversity.

First Generation College Students and Families


This academic advising program supports First Generation College (FGC) students in making a successful transition to college. FGC status indicates that neither of the student's parent/guardian(s) graduated with a 4 year degree after high school.

TTU Upward Bound Programs

This academic enrichment program is designed to recruit and assist high school students showing academic potential who come from families with limited financial resources and whose parents do not have a bachelor's degree.

Back to School Fiesta

The Back to School Fiesta University is an annual fall event open to the Lubbock community and surrounding communities students and their families. During the three hour event students will receive free school supplies, college going resources, free food, and entertainment.

The Institute For the Development and Enrichment of Advanced Learners (IDEAL)

IDEAL offers distinctive academic enrichment programs to high-achieving children in grades K-12 to promote academic excellence, citizenship, leadership, diversity, and appreciation of the arts.

Super Saturday

Designed for high-achieving students, Super Saturdays offers classes taught by university faculty, graduate students, and public school teachers.

Shake Hands with Your Future

Two summer sessions are available, one for students entering grades four through seven and one for students entering grades eight through eleven. Students study subjects such as art, engineering, photography, law, and more.

Science:It's a Girl Thing

Calling all future scientists. . . SIGT is a four day–three night residential camp for girls entering 5th through 11th grades. Girls reside at university residence halls on the Texas Tech campus. During the day, girls attend exciting hands-on science classes in university classrooms and laboratories. Evenings are devoted to traditional summer fun.

Mentor Tech

Through programs, services, advocacy and campus and community involvement, Mentor Tech endeavors to improve the retention and eventual graduation rates of students from underrepresented groups.

Latino(a)/Hispanic Faculty and Staff Association (LHFSA)

Established in 2003 to proportionally increase the presence and improve the opportunities for Latino(a)s/Hispanics at Texas Tech. LHFSA's goals, aimed at enhancing the academic, workplace and social experience, include increasing its involvement within the university structure, promoting professional relations, advocating for accountability and partnering with Latino/Hispanic organizations in the community.

Disability Programs

Student Disability Services

Student Disability Services provides service, support and education to all students with disabilities including full access to and participation in the academic environment as well as reasonable accommodations in the classroom.

TECHniques Center

Techniques provides supplemental academic support services to meet the needs of and to promote the retention of undergraduate students with documented evidence of learning disabilities and attention deficit disorder.



Students in the Women's Studies undergraduate and graduate programs examine the cultural construction of gender, explore the history, experiences and contributions of women to society and study the influences of gender on the lives of women and men.

Women's Studies also houses a resource library of materials on women and gender for use in research and teaching, offers scholarship and internship information and sponsors networking and co-curricular activities. These activities include a mentoring program that matches women students with area professional women, the Women's Leadership Program, the All University Conference on Women and the Texas Tech Association for the Advancement of Women in Higher Education.

Gay, Lesbian, Bisexual and Transgendered

Student Counseling Center

The student counseling center provides excellent resources for GLBT students, and their families.

For another local resource, check out PFLAG of Lubbock.