Texas Tech University

Dictionary of Academic Advising Terms

Academic Advising

Your best plan for graduating on time! Academic advising assists you with planning your academic career, exploring your strengths, finding your values, elaborating on your goals, and expanding your options.

Academic Advisor

Your best friend on campus. The Academic Advisor assists you with determining who you are and what you want. In addition, the Academic Advisor facilitates your success with helpful resources, advice, and suggestions. Not to be confused with Course Registration Tools or Hold Removers.

Competitive major

Any major that requires a GPA greater than 2.0. These majors include every choice in the College of Engineering, every choice in the College of Business, every choice in Media and Communications, Honors, Architecture, and several choices in Human Sciences and Education. Texas Tech is a competitive place!

Degree plan

Your guide to choosing courses. This document lays out classes required for specific majors. Two or more may be compared to one another for relevant overlap courses when students are not decided upon a major.


A process to assist students in confirming majors that make sense based on their strengths, goals, values, and ambitions. It is a very exciting activity, as indicated by the !


Your access to the Texas Tech computer system. Keep it confidential. And remember, the password changes every 90 days!


Students who plan to major in one of the College of Engineering degrees (see Undeclared*). Also stands for expectations set for PREN students: Prepare, Research, Engage, Network.


Your guide to all things Texas Tech. This website has your transcript, your registration portal, your financial aid information, your class schedule, and even a list of events you don't want to miss.

R Number

Your Texas Tech identification code. You are not just a number – but know what number you are!


abbr. Red Raider Orientation. It is also a quasi-indoctrination into all things Texas Tech. Guns Up!


n. Texas Tech Undeclared (see below). Could also mean Texas Tech Unequivocally Determined. We like that one better.


Adj/n. Any student who is working toward a specific major and has yet to reach the required pre-requisites, such as GPA or curriculum completion.


Adj/n. Any student who is not quite certain what major or majors are a good fit. Also applies to any student who has neglected to explore fields outside of competitive majors.


Adj/n. Any student who is relatively certain of a path but not so certain of a specific major. This description could include pre-health careers, business, engineering, or "something that pays well."