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Welcome to Red Raider Orientation

TTU Red Raider Orientation Resources

Admitted Student Website -- See your progress so far!

Official Red Raider Orientation site -- This is where you'll find the dates, student schedule, registration information, and more.

Red Raider Orientation for Parents and Family Members Schedule - complete schedule for three-day RRO sessions.

Red Raider Orientation for Parents and Family Members FAQ - Answers to frequently asked questions

2010 Red Raider Orientation Presentations -- In case you missed a presentation during RRO or just want a refresher.

Instant Communication

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  1. Follow g00dAdvice (notice that the o's are really Zeros).
  2. Orientation Participants ... include #tturro in your tweet to post during the presentation.


  1. Visit www.facebook.com/ttuadvising.
  2. "Like" the page by clicking on the thumb's up button.
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Registration Information

Advising Information for RRO (Guides and Handouts)

  1. A&S RRO Checklist
  2. A&S Advising Guide
  3. Core Curriculum Guide 2010-2011
  4. COBA Worksheet 2010-2011
  5. PreEngineering RRO Web Site
    1. PreEngineering Course Maps
    2. PreEngineering Major Curricula Flowcharts
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