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Undergraduate Research

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Texas Tech University supports active research participation by undergraduate students throughout the academic campus. Undergraduate research provide students with the opportunity to contribute to and learn first-hand from the exciting work being undertaken by our professional research faculty. If you are considering applying to graduate school, pursuing a research career, or are simply an academically motivated student looking for a way to improve your learning experience and differentiate yourself from your cohorts, undergraduate research is probably a good fit for you.


To expand opportunities for undergraduates to engage in mentored scholarship and research, Texas Tech University has established the TTU Undergraduate Research Center. When students learn through experience, they move beyond the collection of information to more fully apprehend the depth and breadth of knowledge. This increases their capacity and preparedness for undertaking valuable exploration and problem-solving in current and emerging fields of study.

What is research?

While each discipline defines research somewhat differently, there elements that persist across disciplines are structured design and creative questioning.

Undergraduate Research Opportunities at Texas Tech

Students can become involved in research in a variety of ways. This web site contains valuable information from the experiences of current and former students, allowing you to hear first-hand their honest assessments of the frustrations and celebrations that have combined to challenge and inspire their educational and professional horizons. As you browse, note students who began with service learning experiences, progressing into aggressive investigation of their field of study, specific course work with a research component and, in many cases, exciting fellowships and on- and off-campus internships.

In every case, our faculty and graduate students engage in valuable mentoring relationships with students. If you are interested in learning more about academic disciplines and research programs with current opportunities, we encourage you to browse and search within the UGR Possibilities database.

Study, Research ... and Then?

When completed, students' work is not hidden away for the academic elite to discover in subsequent ages. Placing great value on relevant and original research, the university takes great pride in publishing and celebrating the results of undergraduate research. This is done primarily online and in presentations, but can also result in journal publication. For a comprehensive listing of Texas Tech undergraduate research, utilize the search feature of the UGR Online Journal database.

What are My Next Steps?

This website is provided as a safe and easy resource as you explore the possibilities available. Here you will find:

  • information on available campus funding opportunities for creative projects and original research
  • abstracts of current undergraduate research projects at TTU
  • a clearinghouse of information on researchers and research programs seeking undergraduates
  • links to other undergraduate research experts and national organizations who guide, inspiring and raise the bar of excellence in this important and growing area of the higher education experience

Undergraduate Red Raiders can become involved in almost departments and academic disciplines. Your work may take on any of the following:

  • writing a senior honors thesis
  • applying for research funding from a grant,
  • participating in a structured research or fellowship program


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