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     The Burnett Center is located at the Northeast Lubbock County Field Laboratories, 15 miles north of Lubbock and 6 miles east of the town of New Deal. Construction of this research facility was made possible primarily by private gifts, supplemented by ad valorem taxes. The total facility represents a significant investment by Texas Tech University and the citizens of Texas into the vitally important feedlot industry. In addition, significant educational benefits have been realized from this facility as a result of the opportunity for undergraduate and graduate students to observe and be involved in ongoing research. Since its completion in 1984, Texas Tech University scientists working at the Burnett Center have contributed extensively to our knowledge of beef cattle feeding and management. Major research areas have included: 1) factors affecting animal growth and carcass composition; 2) evaluation of nutrient requirements of beef cattle; and 3) grain and roughage processing. Future efforts will include continued studies in these three major areas, with additional emphasis placed on feeding management systems to improve efficiency and sustainability (economic and environmental) of cattle production and nutrition/health interactions in lightweight, stressed beef cattle. cattle.jpg (17368 bytes)

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