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How to Donate


  1. Go to http://securejava.tosm.ttu.edu/onlineGiving/landing.do

  2. In the “Search All Funds” box enter Therapeutic Riding Center and hit “Go.”

  3. The next page will bring up a list of results.  Place a check next to the box that says “Texas Tech Therapeutic Riding Center,” and click “Proceed With Selected Funds” at the bottom.

  4. On the next page you will select your donation amount. You may choose from a Quick Gift Amount box or enter a specific dollar amount in the provided box.  Click Next.

  5. The next page is the Donor Information page.  Here you will enter your personal information.  Hit next when complete.

  6. You will next be asked if your employer will match your gift.  Select Yes, No, or Don’t Know from the list.  Click Verify Gift. 

  7. A verification of the information you have entered thus far will appear.  Make sure this information is correct, and then hit “Pay With Credit Card.”

  8. Now enter your credit card information, and select “Confirm Payment.”

  9. Finally, hit “OK” to complete the transaction.


Wish List




Sponsor a Horse



   If you do decide to Sponsor a horse you will be able to deduct the donation as tax deduction.  So if you would like to help, please contact Tangi Irwin at the TTRC office, 806-792-4683 or tangela.irwin@ttu.edu