Fall 2011 Staff



Kristen Odom


Associate Editor

Kaci Waller


Graphics Manager

Jordan Gregory


Advertising Manager

Emily Jones


Fall 2011 Staff Photo by Savant Photography

Top Left: Laura Rau, Melissa Waggoner, Kara Bishop, Emily Sellers-Jones, Sam Culver, Annie Wolf, Owen Bickham, Tanner Green, Chance Honey, Kirby Carpenter, Lindsay Graber, Dr. David Doerfert
Bottom Left: Jeffrey Lisle, Kristen Odom, Whitney Mathews, Richard Kinsey, Jordan Gregory, Suzanne Watson,
Blake Bedinger, Kate McDowel, Brandon O’Quinn, Katie Schlosser, Danielle White, Kaci Waller, and
Abigail Scarborough-Jones
All staff photos courtesy of Savant Photography.


Fall 2011 Editor Kristen Odom by Savant Photography

A Note from the Editor...

Through a lifetime of experience in the cattle business and while studying agricultural communications at Texas Tech University, I have learned that the only constant in agriculture is change. Technology evolves, plants and animals grow and people learn. 
With 24 students enrolled in the Development of Agricultural Publications class, this is the largest group to produce The Agriculturist magazine. I could not be more proud of my classmates for the outstanding stories and layouts they have developed. While there are stories in these 72 pages, there are more on the website at

From the bottom of my heart I thank my staff members – Kaci Waller, Jordan Gregory and Emily Sellers-Jones – for their dedication and extra time spent making this magazine a reality. On behalf of my classmates, thank you Dr. David Doefert and Lindsay Graber for guiding us with your knowledge and experience. Also, I want to extend my appreciation to those who contributed to stories as well as advertisers for your financial support. Without each of you, none of this would be possible. 
In this issue, you will find stories about legacies, opportunities, challenges and changes. We hope that it will provide you with insight into people, classes, events and research currently taking place in the College of Agriculture Sciences and Natural Resources at Texas Tech University.


~ Kristen Odom