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Dr. Michael Galyean

Life is often unpredictable, and for the past year, it certainly has been that way for me. Since March 2011, when I was named to serve as the Interim Dean of CASNR starting July 1, 2011, until April 1, 2012, when I was appointed to the "regular" Dean's position, life (both for me and for my wife, Charlotte) has been a succession of new experiences. I am happy to report that they have been very pleasant experiences.

The College is fortunate to have a remarkably talented student body, hard-working staff members with many years of dedicated and loyal service, and the best faculty of any college at Texas Tech University. In addition, CASNR has a base of alumni and supporters across the state and nation who are incredibly supportive of our programs and very liberal in providing financial support for scholarships and other activities in the College. When one considers all the good things we have going on in CASNR, it is easy to understand why I am truly honored to serve the College as Dean.

I also am pleased to report that the College is doing well – our enrollment is strong and increasing, and CASNR is truly the pacesetter for Texas Tech on the research front. By next fall, we anticipate being back to full staffing levels for our faculty in all departments. If you would like to learn more about the many things that are happening in the College, please feel free to contact the Dean's Office or to touch base with any of our six academic departments. By whatever means, we invite you to stay in touch, and when the opportunity arises to do so, please visit the campus and drop by our office.

The Agriculturist is yet another example of what makes the College a very special place. I am convinced that it is the finest magazine of its kind in the country, and my hat is off to the students and Dr. Doerfert for making it the best year in, year out. I trust you will enjoy this issue.

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