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Center for Agricultural Technology Transfer (CATT)

The Center for Agricultural Technology Transfer was established at Texas Tech University in 1990 with the purpose of enhancing the transfer of agricultural information to agricultural and non-agricultural audiences throughout the West Texas region. In 2014, the program expanded to further meet the service related needs of the area.
The CATT has the following objectives:

  1. Increase the communications competencies of Texas Tech University undergraduate students, agricultural communications professionals, alumni, agribusinesses and others through CATT internships, communications work, training and outreach.
  2. Improve the skills and teaching abilities of Texas Tech  agricultural communications faculty through professional development
  3. Enhance the dissemination of agricultural and communications information to appropriate audiences through outreach via issues forums and communications training workshops

The CATT officially launched its own student-based communication and design center in January 2014. The service center aims to build quality communications products for agricultural businesses in the West Texas region. This project, branded as Picador Creative, is supported by an endowment through the USDA’s non-land grant College of Agriculture Program. Picador Creative offers students the opportunity to engage in experiences that enhance their education beyond the classroom while working in a setting similar to their future career. Furthermore, students experience working with a client and understand local, state, national and global agricultural issues that may not be covered in their coursework.
The CATT provides foundational support as faculty within the department implement and accomplish strategic planning goals related to academic excellence, engagement, technology, partnerships, and institutional advancement. The CATT also provides funds for department development that supports issues forums and communication workshops for agricultural communications professionals, business owners, alumni, faculty and students that allow attendees to learn about the agricultural industry.

The following projects were developed through the CATT Lab: