Texas Tech University

Courtney Meyers, Ph.D.

Associate Professor & Graduate Studies Coordinator
Agricultural Education and Communications

Email: courtney.meyers@ttu.edu

Phone: (806) 834-4364

Dr. Meyers started at Texas Tech University in 2008 as Assistant Professor in agricultural communications. She has taught ACOM 3300 Communicating Agriculture to the Public, ACOM 3311 Web Design in Agricultural Sciences and Natural Resources, 4311 Covergence in Agricultural Communications, ACOM 5306 Foundations of Agricultural Communications, ACOM 5308 Utilizing Emerging Media in Agricultural Communications, AGED 6000 Master's Thesis and AGED 8000 Doctor's Dissertation.

Dr. Meyers has been recognized for her teaching and research capabilities. She has co-authored award-winning research papers and posters including the best research article in the Journal of Applied Communications, the Association for Communication Excellence outstanding paper, the SAAS Agricultural Communications outstanding paper, and the SAERC outstanding innovative idea poster. Dr. Meyers is currently serving a three-year term as an officer in the research special interest group for the Association for Communication Excellence.

Dr. Meyers is also the advisor for the Texas Tech chapter of Alpha Zeta. She is a native of Kansas and earned her B.S. in agricultural communications and journalism from Kansas State University. Her M.S. is from the University of Arkansas, and she received her Ph.D. in agricultural education and communications from the University of Florida.

Dr. Meyers and her husband, Daniel, are the proud parents of Isabel and Amelia.

Contact Dr. Meyers at(806) 834-4364 or courtney.meyers@ttu.edu

Courtney Meyers