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The following are examples of recent work completed at Picador Creative in print design, video production, and web design. Our student interns (a.k.a. the picadors) are trained in the most up-to-date software available, and are familiar with current design trends. Picadors are also versed in writing styles for any form of media or publication. As Picador Creative expands, additional samples of projects will be available for reference.


Print Design

Click on the thumbnails below to see examples of recent design work.

Doc@Distance Brochure



Texas Agribusiness Insurance Texas Polled Hereford Association Flyer Texas Cotton Ginner's Association flyer


SASES logo


Video Production


District 19 Congressional Candidates

Opening Statements for the District 19 Congressional Candidates. Picador Creative, in association with Texas Corn Producers, Plains Cotton Growers, and All Ag, All Day, produced this series of videos to better inform voters on the candidates’ agricultural stances. Click here to view the videos.

Texas Alliance for Water Conservation Video

Hired by Southern SARE, Picador produced this video about the Texas Alliance for Water Conservation. Picador’s graduate assistant and an intern attended the 2015 TAWC field day in July to shoot footage, as well as conducting the interviews and shooting the B-roll footage. Narrated by Rudy Ritz, the video delves into TAWC research demonstration program and what they have accomplished so far.


Terry County Soil and Water Conservation District Award Videos

Picador Creative produced these videos to recognize the farmers for the Terry County Soil and Water Conservation District. They received this award due to their progressive efforts in agriculture to ensure water conservation, and for their outstanding service in the community.

2014 Outstanding Young Farmer: Tanner Hogue


2015 Outstanding Young Farmer: Cliff Neill


The Martins: 2015 Outstanding Farmer Family: The Martins


Texas Tech University’s Department of Natural Resources Management

Picador Creative has produced several videos for the Department of Natural Resources Management. These promotional videos showcase some of the research going on in the department.


Black Poll Warbler

Narrated by Dr. Clint Boal, this video describes the characteristics and migration patters of the black poll warbler.



Black Bear and Mule Deer Research

Narrated by Katie Guntly, this video describes mule deer research and the effects black bears have on mule deer fawns.  




Web Design

This is an example of a Wordpress website Picador Creative has designed. The Alicia Rolland Memorial Fund purchased a theme but used the free basic package from Wordpress. Picador designed the site layout and created the graphics to make the site more customized and easy to navigate.





The Laramie Peak Veterinary Hospital is an example of premium Wordpress site. Though premium websites come with many options, Picador was able to rewrite the HTML code to customize the website even further. Picador designed the site layout, wrote text, and edited pictures for the website.



Picador Creative created Diversity D Irrigation's website from scratch. It was made with Adobe’s Dreamweaver, and Picador used HTML code to produce every aspect of this website. Picador strived to make a website that reflected the brand and what Diversity D stands for.








Picador Creative designed Permanently Perfect Cosmetics' website with a great amount of detail. With a logo redesign, Picador was able to ensure every piece of this website flowed together.  This website is an example of what you can do with a Wordpress site.


Hot Ruby Logo

Picador Creative was an integral part of the creative process for Hot Ruby’s website.This website board shows the different design elements presented to Hot Ruby and taken the company’s graphic designer. Picador then created and executed a cohesive website in line with the emerging brand. You can find Hot Ruby online at drinkhotruby.com. The company is also a part of GoTexan.