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Undergraduate Program - Course Descriptions

Students majoring in the Department of Agricultural Education and Communications will take many core classes taught directly in the department. Descriptions of all undergraduate courses at Texas Tech University can be found by accessing the online course catalog at

Courses taught within the department are listed below with a brief description.

Agricultural Education

AGED 2300 Introduction to Agricultural Education. History and principles of vocational education, community assessment of agricultural programs planning, and development of agricultural youth organization. Fulfills multicultural and core Social and Behavioral Sciences requirement.

AGED 3302 Transfer of Agricultural Technology. Examination of processes by which professional agriculturalists influence the introduction, adoption, and diffusion of technological change. Fulfills core Technology and Applied Science requirement.

AGED 3314 Team Leadership Development in Agriculture and Natural Resources. Exploration of strategies and techniques for successful teams, including conflict management, facilitation, and negotiation, skill building, and experimental activities in agriculture and natural resources.

AGED 3315 Personal Leadership Development in Agriculture Sciences and Natural Resources. Principles, theories and application of interpersonal skills required to develop strong leadership in the agricultural and natural resource context.

AGED 3330 Interrelationships of Agricultural Agency Information Systems. Utilization of agricultural service systems to disseminate information to traditional and nontraditional agricultural clientele. Emphasis on USDA organizations.

AGED 3333 Developing Secondary Agricultural Education Programs. Provides theory and application in instruction, leadership, and experience for agricultural science teachers as they learn components of the agricultural education model.

AGED 4000. Internship.

AGED 4001 Agricultural Education Problems. Prerequisite: Approval of department chairperson. Individual investigation related to agricultural education or leadership. May be repeated for credit.

AGED 4201 Agricultural Education Senior Seminar. Theory and application in teaching, conducting daily tasks, and assuming roles of the profession for students seeking teacher certification.

AGED 4303 Designing and Integrating the Agricultural Curriculum. Instructional methodology on curricular goals for agricultural programs and designing curriculum with integration of STEM areas for cross-content credit in secondary agricultural education. (Writing Intensive)

AGED 4304 Methods of Teaching Agriscience in the Secondary School. (Writing Intensive)

AGED 4306 Student Teaching. Prerequisite: Senior standing in agricultural education.

AGED 4308 Organizational Leadership Development in Agriculture and Natural Resources. Human behavior in organizations, the role of leadership in organizational performance, and the process of organizational change and improvement.

AGED 4309 Contemporary Issues in Agricultural Leadership. An evaluation of current issues pertaining to leadership in agriculture and natural resources including a historical look at leadership and its impact on producers and consumers. (Writing Intensive)

AGED 4410 Integrating Science into Agricultural Education. Methods of integrating activities related to science content during the instruction of secondary agricultural education. Special focus on laboratory instruction in animal science.

Agricultural Leadership

AGLS 1300 Agricultural Leadership Principles. Principles of leadership and personal skill development. Emphasizes leadership styles, types of management, group dynamics, and managing change as applied to agriculture.

Agricultural Communications

ACOM 1300 Introduction to Agricultural Communications. An overview of information systems and media associated with the agricultural industry.

ACOM 2200 Professional Development in Agricultural Communications. Focuses on job applications, business etiquette, soft skills, event planning, and professionalism.

ACOM 2302 Scientific Communications in Agriculture and Natural Resources. Improve written, visual, and oral communications. Development of press releases, scientific papers, popular press articles, poster presentations, technical presentations, and grant applications. Writing intensive course.

ACOM 2303 Digital Imaging in Agriculture. Basics of composition, techniques, and lighting involved in photographing agricultural images. Students will learn about photographing agricultural subjects, people, and landscapes.

ACOM 2305 Digital Communications in Agriculture. Examination of the use of computers in agricultural communications with emphasis on graphic art production, photo manipulation, and elements of design.

ACOM 3300 Communicating Agriculture to the Public. Principles and procedures in communicating agricultural news and information to general and specialized audiences through presentations and various media. Writing intensive course.

ACOM 3301 Video Production in Agriculture. Basics in producing an agricultural video. Students learn scripting, shooting, and digital video editing.

ACOM 3305 Layout and Design in Agricultural Sciences. Prerequisite: ACOM 2305. Examination of design principles and desktop publishing in the agricultural industry.

ACOM 3311 Web Design in Agricultural Sciences and Natural Resources. Prerequisite: ACOM 2305. Promote basic understanding of Web design principles and experiential learning through a project requiring students to develop a Web site for a client in the agriculture industry.

ACOM 4000 Internship in Agricultural Communications.

ACOM 4001 Agricultural Communications Problems. Individual study of advanced application of principles of agricultural communications.

ACOM 4100 Seminar in Agricultural Communications. Overview and analysis of the history, development, issues, and trends of traditional agricultural and related information outlets. May be repeated once for credit.

ACOM 4305 Agricultural Communication Campaigns. Prerequisite: Junior or senior standing and ACOM majors only. Principles, practices, and applications of social marketing as they pertain to developing communication campaigns for the food and fiber industry.

ACOM 4310 Development of Agricultural Publications. Prerequisite: JOUR 2310. Students integrate various skills including writing, editing, and layout in producing agricultural publications. Emphasis upon computer software applications in agricultural publishing. Writing intensive.

ACOM 4311 Convergence in Agricultural Media. Prerequisite: Consent of instructor and ACOM majors only. Intensive application of communication skills to produce a multimedia Web site focused on agricultural topics.

Agricultural Systems Management

AGSM 2303 Welding and Metalwork. Metal fabrication and repair using hand tools, power tools, and welding equipment. Includes metallurgy pertaining to welding processes and heat treating.

AGSM 3303 Internal Combustion Engine Theory and Operation. Fundamentals of internal combustion engines, principally small gasoline engines. Emphasis on adjustments, repair, and routine maintenance to include tractors and other power units.

AGSM 4301 Agricultural Mechanization Problems. Individual study of an advanced phase of agricultural mechanization. Research report required.

AGSM 4302 Agricultural Buildings and Environmental Control. Determining agricultural building requirements, materials, design, and construction. Includes construction, tools and equipment, framing, environmental control, and necessary utilities.