Texas Tech University

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Shelbey Havens

Staff Responsibilities

As CASNR College Recruiter, Shelbey Havens is charged with overseeing all recruitment of high school students and transfer students for the College, and travels to represent CASNR and TTU at local, area, state, and national functions, as well as two year institutions. She coordinates all correspondence with high school prospective students and transfer students, through letters, phone calls, e-mail and campus visits. She works closely with the Office of Admissions in maintaining high quality standards for recruitment protocol, while coordinating CASNR activities and participation at university-hosted recruitment events. In the position, she will also presents resource information to new students and transfer students during orientation sessions and to all students via class presentations. Additionally, Havens will coordinates all travel and activities of CASNR's Agri-Techsan student recruiting group on the local, area, state, and national levels. She is also responsible for coordinating and organizing receptions and functions for prospective students at events such as Texas FFA Convention, National FFA Convention, Texas 4-H Roundup, the State Fair of Texas, Houston Livestock Show & Rodeo, etc. She will work closely with the Agricultural Consortium of Texas (ACT) in coordinating state-wide and out-of-state student recruiting efforts. The position serves as a member and dean's office liaison to Recruitment, Retention, Career Development Committee, while developing and coordinating information and printed literature emphasizing CASNR, its programs, centers, and facilities, serving as a member of the Agriculture and Natural Resources Awareness Week Committee. Prior to joining the Tech staff, Havens worked as assistance director for recruitment and marketing at the Texas Tech Health Sciences Center-School of Health Professions. Prior to that she worked as a sales associate with MEC Medical and ZimmerBiomet, as well as an office administrator with the Texas Senate Committee on Agriculture, Water and Rural Affairs.