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 Barn History

An iconic landmark located in the center of the Texas Tech University campus, the Dairy Barn has stood the test of time. Constructed in 1926, the barn is one of the oldest structures on campus. Over the years, it has survived a fire, abandonment followed by years of neglect, and threats of demolition. But reflecting its agricultural heritage and the indomitable spirit of the countless Red Raiders who worked there over the years or who merely walked by it day after day on their way to and from classes, the barn is woven into the very fabric of Texas Tech. Now the time has come to restore the barn to its rightful place as a working academic facility, joining the Agricultural Pavilion and the Administration Building, which are in daily use and were constructed at approximately the same time as the Dairy Barn.

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  • 1926: Students were encouraged to bring up to three cows of their own to campus and house them in the barn. The barn had enough milking facilities for 40 cows, a calving stall, feeding rooms, a chiller, and an office. The dairy business took off, and in 1926, the Student Dairy Association was organized.
  • 1927: The Texas Tech University Dairy Manufacturing Department furnished milk and ice cream to the university and the Lubbock community.
  • 1966: The Dairy Barn was mutually beneficial to Texas Tech and the students by providing milk to the Home Economics Food labs and the campus cafeteria, with any extra dairy products sold to the Lubbock community to help pay for the student's college fees. The barn was abandoned, and dairy operations were moved to another location.
  • 1992: The Dairy Barn was recognized by the National Register of Historical Places, thanks to a successful student fundraising effort. Because of this effort, the Dairy Barn has been preserved as a symbol of Texas Tech's agricultural heritage.
  • 2016: Lubbock County's Historical Commission and the Student Government Association of Texas Tech unveiled a new Texas State Historical Marker.
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