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Preserving the Past for the Future

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To Texas Tech students, past and present, the Dairy Barn and Silo are more than just buildings. They are physical reminders of the presence and prominence of the College of Agricultural Sciences and Natural Resources within the university, as well as the importance of agriculture and natural resources management in the daily lives of Americans. A significant component of the renovated Dairy Barn will be a permanent display reflecting the history and importance of the Dairy Barn and the College of Agricultural Sciences and Natural Resources.

1st FLOOR | Collaboration Space

barn 1st floorDiary Barn 1st Floor
  • Collaborations: The Dairy Barn is the place at the heart of Texas Tech, the literal and figurative crossroads of disciplines. The University's history will be reinvented and reimagined when an engineer works with an artist, a therapist works with a mathematician, or dancers exchange ideas with an architect. The collaborative space in the barn will be an attraction to artists and scholars-in-residence and will generate an atmosphere of creativity in perpetuity.
  • Study of the Creative Process: Scholarly research and study of the creative process will require working across disciplines, the benefits of which will go far beyond what we learn about creativity. Ultimately, the aim is to become what we study – to incorporate creativity and thinking outside the box into the very nature of the Texas Tech community of scholars.
  • Education: Partnerships will provide opportunities for students and faculty to collaborate, to observe and work with resident scholars, and to enter into discussions with them, much like a seminar. The hands-on approach will help students learn more than they would via lectures or books.
  • Small Group Meeting and “Visioning” Space: An open space with excellent internet connectivity, open writing and exhibit spaces, and versatile layout options will provide disciplinary and multi-disciplinary groups a unique environment that will foster problem solving and creative thinking and scholarship.

2nd FLOOR | Multi-Purpose Loft for Events

  • Lectures
  • Receptions
  • Conferences
  • Large meetings & Educational Productions

This area can be requested by any department/group on campus.

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‘The Dairy Barn is an iconic Texas Tech landmark. From its beginnings as a provider of dairy products for our campus and community, to its place today on the National Register of Historic Places, it has stood the test of time. The renovated barn will become a centerpiece of our campus and be cherished by future generations of Red Raiders.'
— Chancellor Robert L. Duncan
Texas Tech University System

‘The first time I really paid attention to the Dairy Barn was in the summer of 2011. I was on the second-floor atrium of the Plant Science Building, which provides a roof-level view of the Barn. I was utterly shocked by the large areas of missing shingles and the unpainted and broken pieces of trim board, and I remember telling the people standing there with me that we had to do something about the condition of the Barn or we were going to lose it. That fall, our CASNR Homecoming Breakfast was held outdoors on the grass in front of the Barn, and we officially kicked off the Dairy Barn Restoration Fund. In the summer of 2012, with the help of the President's Office, we were able to get a new roof on the Barn and repair and paint the wood trim.

‘I am so pleased that we have now embarked on a plan to bring the Dairy Barn back into the mainstream of university life. With matching funds from the President's Office, we will be able to allow students, faculty, staff, and alumni the opportunity work, think, and create in a space that has been part of the campus since 1925, while at the same time honoring the agricultural heritage of the university. Being able to see this plan come to fruition will certainly be a highlight of my career at Texas Tech.

– Dr. Michael Galyean
Texas Tech University Provost & Senior Vice President