Texas Tech University


Current Members

Jacy Cabler

Name: Jacy Cabler

Major: Agricultural Communications

Classification: Senior

Hometown: Spur, Texas

Extracurricular Activities: Agricultural Communicators of Tomorrow, Block and Bridle, Ambassadors for Agriculture and a bible study group.

Hobbies: I love being outdoors and working with animals. Here lately I have found a new interest in photography and capturing the beauty of the environment we live in. I value spending time with those I love, such as my friends and family.

Plans after college: Because of my love for the outdoors and animals, I plan to work for an organization or commodity group that promotes agriculture while allowing me to work in and around the things that I love. I do not have a specific job that I want. I think I am very diverse and could work well in a variety of different settings; therefore I do not have an exact plan for after college. However, I do know what I am striving for to keep myself happy and actively involved in my future career path.

Favorite thing about CASNR/TTU: My favorite thing about CASNR is the ‘family' atmosphere we function in. TTU is a large university. It's a large campus. There are tons of students, and for some individuals this could be extremely overwhelming, especially if they never find their niche. We are fortunate in CASNR, though, because we have the feel of a smaller university. This provides students within CASNR an easy transition into being on our own because we still have the support and guidance we received from our parents coming from our faculty. There is also tough love. We are pushed to excel as far as we can and become the best version of ourselves, and I believe this is why we are successful and known for our high standard of performance.

Advice for future students: The best advice I can provide for future students is to become involved in something you are passionate about. Transitioning from high school to college can be tough. Joining organizations, clubs, intramural teams, etc. increases your knowledge of Texas Tech while building friendships. Becoming involved on campus also prepares you for the real-world by exposing you to responsibilities and commitment. Through these experiences, you build character and begin to become the real version of yourself.