Students have the opportunity to participate in study abroad programs available through CASNR and Texas Tech University. All majors require or offer internships, thereby ensuring the real-world experience employers seek in today’s competitive market. CASNR has an active Government Internship Program at both the state and federal levels. CASNR also boasts more than 30 clubs, organizations and nationally recognized competitive teams to give students the total university experience.

CASNR is committed to providing outstanding services to its partners in industry and its students. On-campus services are designed to support students and prepare them to address the challenges of the agricultural and natural resources industry. CASNR outreach activities provide cutting edge information and technology to relevant constituencies.


CASNR outreach programs are designed for full engagement with both industry and academic constituents. The following highlight a few of our partnerships and dedicated services to the industry as a whole:

  • Strong partnerships with Texas AgriLife Research (10 joint appointments), Texas AgriLife Cooperative Extension (four joint appointments), USDA-Agricultural Research Service, and commodity groups.
  • Strong partnerships with West Texas A&M University, Texas A&M University, and Kansas State University as well as other universities.
  • Joint appointments across university departments to address critical interdisciplinary issues.
  • Advisory Board composed of recognized individuals in agricultural sciences and natural resources.
  • CASNR faculty members conduct more than 100 programs and workshops for our constituencies each year.
  • CASNR faculty serve the agricultural and natural resources industry through local producer boards and are active in other local, state and national organizations.


CASNR has developed programs that make the transition to college easier. The CASNR Ag Pals Program offers incoming students an opportunity to meet upper-class students who serve as mentors. CASNR also offers an Early Alert Program that identifies students having difficulty in their classes and makes them aware of tutoring and other services offered by CASNR and the university. Additionally, faculty members conduct targeted academic advising so that each student receives personal attention from a professor. These programs have resulted in a CASNR retention rate of 85 percent and a graduation rate of 71 percent – among the highest in the university.