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An Evaluation of High-Value Marketing Pools for the Texas Cotton Industry

Principal Investigator: Conrad P. Lyford

Co-Principal Investigator: M. Dean Ethridge


Evaluate the opportunity for the West Texas cotton industry to develop high-value marketing pools.

Specific objectives:

Evaluate the production shares and market positioning of high-value West Texas cotton varieties, with implications for the quantities that can be produced reliably in the years ahead.

Investigate current examples of high-value marketing efforts and evaluate the success in capturing higher returns for cotton producers participating in them.

Develop requirements and procedures for developing high-value marketing pools based in West Texas.

CottonLink: The Influence of Media-Friendly CDs Upon Quantity and Quality of News Coverage

Principal Investigators: Cindy Akers, David Doerfert, Chad Davis


  • Describe the print and broadcast coverage of the cotton industry in terms of quantity and quality prior to the distribution of CottonLink.
  • Determine if significant differences exist in quantity and quality of the print and broadcast coverage after the distribution of CottonLink.
  • Ascertain the degree to which CottonLink is utilized by the different media.
  • Identify sources of extraneous error that may have influenced coverage between baseline and post-CottonLink distribution.

Creation and Field-Testing Of Transgenic Cotton Engineered For Higher Drought- And Salt-Tolerance

Principal Investigators: Hong Zhang. Dick Auld


  • Test if AtNHX1-expressing cotton plants are more drought- and salt-tolerant by conducting a series of physiological experiments in the laboratory and in the field under both drought and irrigated conditions.
  • Make another transgenic cotton line that overexpresses the Arabidopsis AVP1 gene, so that we can create AtNHX1/AVP1-double overexpression cotton that may demonstrate even better drought- and salt-tolerance with significantly improved agronomical traits such as higher cotton yield and longer fiber length.