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An Evaluation of High-Value Marketing Pools for the Texas Cotton Industry

Principal Investigator: Conrad P. Lyford

Co-Principal Investigator: M. Dean Ethridge


Evaluate the opportunity for the West Texas cotton industry to develop high-value marketing pools.

Specific objectives:

  • Evaluate the production shares and market positioning of high-value West Texas cotton varieties, with implications for the quantities that can be reliably produced in the years ahead.
  • Investigate current examples of high-value marketing efforts and evaluate the success in capturing higher returns for cotton producers participating in them.
  • Develop requirements and procedures for developing high-value marketing pools based in West Texas.

An Examination of Factors Considered by the Texas Print Media on the Use of a Media Resource Tool in Developing News Stories

Principal Investigators: Cindy Akers

Co-Principal Investigators: Chad Davis, David Doerfert

Graduate Assistant: Jessica Bieber


The primary objective of this two-year study was to evaluate the effectiveness that a media-friendly CD-ROM (CottonLink) distributed to print-based media in Texas had upon quantity and quality of news coverage.

Specific objectives:

  • Describe print-based coverage of the cotton industry in terms of quantity and quality prior to the distribution of CottonLink.
  • Determine if significant differences existed in the quantity and quality of print-based coverage after the distribution of CottonLink.
  • Ascertain if quantity and quality differences existed in coverage based upon industry segments (production, ginning, processing, consumer, fashion, etc.).
  • Identify sources of extraneous error that may have influenced coverage between baseline and post-CottonLink distribution.

Analysis of Cotton Production for the Texas High Plains

Principal Investigator: Phillip N. Johnson


  • Develop cotton cost of production and profitability information for the High Plains region of Texas.
  • Generate breakeven analyses such as breakeven price and unit cost of production for the High Plains region of Texas.