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Creation and Field-Testing Of Transgenic Cotton Engineered For Higher Drought- And Salt-Tolerance

Principal Investigators: Hong Zhang, Dick Auld


To create salt and drought tolerant cotton

Development of Cotton Based Nonwoven Chemical Warfare Decontamination Wipe

Principal Investigators: Seshadri S. Ramkumar


The overall goal of the project is to enhance the use and sales value of cotton and to create high-tech applications for cotton fibers.

Specific objectives:

  • Develop value-added cotton nonwovens
  • Examine the protection capabilities of cotton based chemical protective substrates and decontamination wipes.

Economic Impacts of Agricultural Policy on Natural Fibers

Principal Investigators: James W. Richardson, Joe L. Outlaw


The primary objective is to develop a method for responding to Congressional requests for analysis of alternative natural fiber farm programs including wool, mohair and cotton. A second objective is to use the resulting modeling systems to analyze quantitatively the sectors and firm level effects of alternative farm policies.

Specific objectives:

  • Analyze the impacts of a counter cyclical farm program for supporting cotton, wool and mohair prices.
  • Analyze the impacts of a marketing loan program for cotton, wool and mohair.
  • Analyze the impacts of safety net farm programs for cotton, wool and mohair ranchers.
  • Analyze the cost of producing cotton in major production regions of the U.S. and major producing countries in South America.
  • Research further changes in foreign policies that impact these industries.