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  • An Evaluation of High-Value Marketing Pools for the Texas Cotton Industry
  • CottonLink: The Influence of Media-Friendly CDs Upon Quantity and Quality of News Coverage
  • Creation and Field-Testing Of Transgenic Cotton Engineered For Higher Drought- And Salt-Tolerance
  • Genetic Engineering of Cotton Rhizobacteria for Phosphate Solubilization
  • Impact of Biodegradation of Aldicarb on Nematode and Thrips Control on Cotton
  • Improving the Efficiency of Water Use for Cotton Production in the Texas High Plains
  • Incorporation of Acala and Pima Quality into Cotton Varieties Adapted to the Texas South Plains
  • Novel Nonwoven Cotton Composites for National Security
  • Physical Mapping of Genes That Mediate Phytohormone Responses in Cotton Fiber
  • Price and Basis Movements in the Major Cotton Producing Regions
  • Profitability Analysis of Cotton Production for the High Plains Region of Texas
  • Quantifying the Level of Cotton Aphid and Bollworm Population Suppression by Lady Beetles and Green Lacewings: Potential Reduction in Insecticide Use in Cotton Production
  • Selection of Cotton Genotype with Stable Lint Yields and Fiber Quality Across Differential Levels of Soil Moisture
  • Site-Specific Management Strategies for Efficient Cotton Production in the Texas High Plains
  • Spatial Analysis of Precision Agriculture Data: An Approach to Improve Management Zone Delineation Procedures for Texas Cotton
  • Structural Models of the U.S. and the Rest-of-the-World Natural Fiber Market
  • Understanding Arbuscular Mycorrhizal Dynamics Associated with Cotton Production Systems: Impacts of Management Decisions and Soil Moisture
  • Unraveling the Genetics Behind Fiber Quality
  • Utilization of Ginned Fiber for the Examination of White Speck Content in Texas Cotton