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Employment opportunities for U.S. college graduates with expertise in the food, agricultural, and natural resources system are expected to remain strong during the next five years. The USDA expects slightly more than 54,000 annual job openings for new graduates during 2010-2015, and some 53,500 qualified graduates available each year for these positions.


Dr. Bill Bennett Student Success Center

The Dr. Bill Bennett Student Success Center provides resources to students majoring in agriculture. Students can visit us to find out about student organizations, internship opportunities, college events, university resources, and career development. The Dr. Bill Bennett Student Success Center is located in the Dean's Office at Goddard 108.

The College of Agricultural Sciences and Natural Resources is among the 30 largest agricultural programs in the nation and is one of the few non-land grant colleges to offer doctoral programs in agricultural disciplines. We are committed to helping our students succeed by providing a supportive faculty and staff, exceptional teaching and research facilities, and opportunities that will lead to rewarding careers. Students are an integral part of the CASNR and TTU community. Many offices and programs exist in order to assist students with various aspects of their university experience. As a CASNR student, you have access to a wealth of information and resources. Whether you want to register for a class or learn more about Clubs and Organizations, the links on this page will help you navigate your way through your college experience.

Elizabeth Bertrand
Coordinator for Student Recruitment
(806) 742-2808

Holly Cogdell
Coordinator for Student Retention
(806) 742-2808

Lyda Garcia
Coordinator for Student Diversity
(806) 742-2808

Savannah Leonard
Coordinator for Undergraduate Programs
(806) 742-2808

Janie Lopez
Coordinator for College Relations
(806) 742-2808

Cindy McCullough
Coordinator of Scholarships
(806) 742-2808