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At Texas Tech, students are our most valued resource. TTU enrolls more than 32,000 students representing almost every county in Texas, with over 60 percent coming from more than 300 miles away from campus. The College of Agricultural Sciences and Natural Resources (CASNR) is among the 30 largest agricultural programs in the nation and is one of the few non-land grant colleges to offer doctoral programs in agricultural disciplines. We are committed to helping our students succeed by providing a supportive faculty and staff, exceptional teaching and research facilities, and countless opportunities. CASNR continues to have record enrollments each academic year. In Fall 2012, CASNR had an enrollment record of 1,856 students. These achievements mark the college’s steadfast progress, even in a challenging economy.

College of Agricultural Sciences and Natural Resources
Enrollment Growth 2003-2012

Critical Role of Scholarship Funding. Scholarship support to attract top academic scholars is essential to accomplishing our goals of quality growth, enhanced academic reputation, and Tier One status. Texas Tech has always been an institution where students can obtain a valuable education without the burden of a heavy price tag; however, decreased state funding continues to hinder the university’s ability to provide assistance to outstanding students with financial need. Moreover, the increasing cost of higher education is placing an unprecedented burden on college-bound students. The TTU Office of Financial Aid estimates that 55% of all students enrolled at Texas Tech fund the entire cost of their education with student loans.

For students, tuition costs, in addition to the costs of housing and purchasing books and supplies, can become a barrier to following their dreams, and graduating college with a large debt from student loans is a difficult burden to bear. The estimated total cost (including tuition, fees, room and board, transportation, and personal expenses) to attend Texas Tech in 2013-2014 is $23,326.

Scholarship needs in CASNR. Scholarship needs are greater than ever before and the scholarship support CASNR receives has been a tremendous asset to students. In 2012, 1,204 scholarships were awarded to 761 deserving students. It is estimated that 43 percent of undergraduate students and 30 percent of graduate students enrolled in CASNR are on a scholarship. See the charts below for scholarship distributions in 2012.

Establishing a Scholarship in CASNR. When a scholarship is established, an agreement is made between the donor and the Texas Tech Foundation to ensure that scholarship funds are spent according to the donor’s wishes. In addition, scholarship funds are named at the donor’s request.

The donor determines the qualifications and restrictions for awarding scholarships, with the assistance of the Texas Tech Foundation. Criteria for selection often include membership in an organization, academic achievement, financial need, leadership capabilities, and field of study. Recipients are chosen depending on the donor’s preferred restrictions.

Once the scholarship is awarded, we would like the recipient to know more about why this scholarship was established. This personalizes the scholarship and adds value and meaning to the recipients. Each year, donors will also be invited to the CASNR’s Pig Roast where both scholarship donors and recipients are honored. In this venue, donors will have a chance to meet and visit with the recipient of their scholarships!


Endowed Scholarship. Endowed scholarships provide a continued source of assistance for Texas Tech CASNR students and create a lasting legacy for the donor. To establish a scholarship endowment, a minimum gift of $10,000 is required. Establishing an endowed scholarship means that you are creating a scholarship that will be part of CASNR in perpetuity. Scholarships will be awarded once the endowment reaches the minimum required funding level and after the funds have been invested for at least one fiscal year. Because the principal of the endowment is never spent, such a gift represents an enduring tribute to the donor and a continuing opportunity for CASNR students.

Texas Tech Foundation endowments are invested by the Investment Advisory Committee. Investments are made to provide spendable income for the endowment purpose as identified by the donor, as well as growth of the corpus to adjust for inflation. Presently, the spendable rate set by the Board of Regents is 4.5 percent of the average endowment market value over the last twelve quarters.

Non-Endowed Scholarship. In an effort to recruit and support students who want to continue their education at CASNR, we are always appreciative of donor support for scholarship funds that can be used immediately to assist students. Any gift amount directed to a non-endowed scholarship will provide immediate tuition assistance to deserving students. Annual scholarships give flexibility in terms of cost and commitment. The donor may choose the amount to give and whether to continue providing funding on an annual basis. Gifts made to annual scholarships are not invested and do not earn additional income.

For example, if a donor establishes a non-endowed scholarship, and the scholarship awarded to the student is $500, $1,000, or even $20,000 (covers the full cost of education) per year, this is the amount that would need to be contributed annually to support the scholarship. We recommend that the donor consider a commitment of at least 4 or 5 years so that their gift can make more of an impact for students. In addition, scholarships that are not one-time awards increase retention for students. Renewable scholarships give students an incentive to maintain high academic performance, strive for greater levels of success, and remain in school full-time to receive the scholarship the following year.

Scholarships ensure that CASNR can reach out to and assist more and more deserving students whose families might have difficulty affording the cost of college without incurring large debts.

We believe that Texas Tech is a campus of opportunity. Students who become Red Raiders have the opportunity to grow, learn and develop leadership skills, and CASNR graduates continue to be a testimony to our success. We value and appreciate this opportunity to be part of your legacy through a scholarship.

For more information, please contact:
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Director of Development and External Relations
College of Agricultural Sciences and Natural Resources
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