Ways To Give...

In today's world, the College simply could not function, nor could the students have many of the opportunities available to them, without your support. Through scholarships, professorships, program support and unrestricted gifts, it is alumni and friends who provide the extra funds that truly make a difference in the students' lives.

Several options are available for those interested in giving back to the College:

  1. Outright Gifts
    • These are immediate gifts of cash or long-term assets such as appreciated securities, real estate or personal property
  2. Gift of an asset
    • Stocks, bonds, property, livestock or any other easily liquidated asset.
    • The asset is donated to the College, the donor gets a tax deduction based on the current fair market value of the asset, the College sells the asset and the proceeds are utilized in whatever manner the donor designates, such as scholarships or other types of support.
  3. Deferred gift or planned gift
    • These terms refer to gifts that are made over the long term, usually through an estate or trust.
  4. Gift of goodwill
    • The thousands of people associated with the College through financial support, moral support or industry ties are the most important resource that we have!

For more information contact the CASNR Office of Development and Alumni Relations at (806) 742-2802 or e-mail or Give Online Now.