In the last year, Texas Tech has made significant strides in diversity and inclusion in academic success. Some recent accomplishments include Top 50 producers of Hispanic baccalaureate recipients; Top 50 producers for American Indian baccalaureate recipients; 88th in total minority bachelor’s degrees for 2010-2011; and Hispanic enrollment reaching 19 percent for the 2013-2014 academic year and record numbers of African-American students.

Minorities in STEAM
Minorities in STEAM is an organization promoting the success of minority students pursuing careers and degrees in science, technology, engineering, agriculture and mathematics. Minorities in STEAM is open to students majoring in either science, technology, engineering agriculture or mathematics.

Pioneers in Education: Generations Achieving Scholarship and Unprecedented Success (PEGASUS) seeks to make exploration, innovation and academic success attainable realities for first generation college students. First Year students are assigned to a student mentor. Mentors are sophomores, juniors and seniors in the program. They’re here to help develop peer relationships that are proven to be vital to your success while in college. Contact: (806) 742-7060

Mentor Tech
Launched in 2002, the program is named for Lauro Cavazos, the first undergraduate to serve as President of Texas Tech University and Ophelia Powell-Malone, Tech’s first African American undergraduate. The program seeks to enhance the quality of the educational experiences of students from underrepresented groups through programs, services, advocacy, and campus and community involvement. Contact: (806) 742-8692

Upward Bound
A dynamic, academic enrichment program, it’s designed to prepare first-generation high school students for college. Upward Bound students come from families with limited financial resources and have parents who have not received a bachelor's degree. Upward Bound is a TRiO Program, federally funded by the Department of Education. Upward Bound prepares students with various experiences, career options, and diverse cultural activities. Contact: (806) 742-3616