CASNR interns perform various office duties, attend meetings, research, give tours, greet guests, and many other jobs while completing an internship in Austin or Washington DC. An internship allows students to develop job and research skills, networking channels, and future careers.

Q: What is the process to apply for the internships?
A: First you have to fill out the application. Applications are usually taken one semester in advance so you will need to pay attend to application deadlines. Then you will be scheduled for interviews. The first one is with the CASNR Scholarship Committee, and the second one is with CASNR scholarship donors that make the internship program possible.

Q: Will I just be answering phones during my internship?
A: Having realistic expectations going into any internship is important. You are not going to be the elected official’s right hand. You will give capitol tours, you will probably get to make the morning coffee, sort mail, answer phones but just as with every job, you have to start at the bottom and prove you can do more. As your coworkers learn your skill set, you will be given additional work and projects. Basically the possibilities are endless if you are willing to put forth the effort and really work.

Q: What kind of contacts will I make?
A: You will make contacts ranging from students who are interning from other universities, friends that you will keep in touch with, and who if you decide to go back up there can put in a good word for you in terms of applying for jobs. You also make some possible employer contacts. You are the first person many people deal with when coming into the office, and just by talking to them, you might just impress them.