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International Center for Food Industry Excellence

To conduct systematic development and evaluation of production, processing, and preparation methods of food products (from farm to table) to achieve a safer and more nutritious food supply. These efforts are aimed at:

  • Pre-harvest, harvest and post-harvest strategies and technologies to maintain a safe, high-quality, and affordable food supply.
  • Development of new food products and adding value to existing products.
  • Consumer perceptions and attitudes toward food products and innovations.
  • Technology transfer to all segments of the agricultural and food industry.

The Initiative is pivotal to continued viability and sustainability of the U.S. livestock agriculture industry that is valued at more than $100 billion in livestock and livestock products sold each year. Primary losses to this industry come from recalls and outbreaks of food-borne illnesses and from consumer mistrust issues such as BSE (mad cow disease). Revenue increases in the industry come from finding new and novel markets for products through value added product development and processing. Texas is the nation’s leader in the production of cattle, sheep, and goats. The Center for Food Industry Excellence provides strategies and technologies to Texas as well as to the entire U.S. livestock industry for preventing food-borne illnesses and outbreaks, educating consumers in making wise decisions and by developing new products to protect the industry.


Lead Agency:
Texas Tech University

Funding Request for FY 2008:
$3 Million

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