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Natural Resources Specialist V / Project Leader

Sunday, August 5th, 2012

Agency: Wildlife Division, Texas Parks & Wildlife Department (TPWD)

Job Location: Las Palomas Wildlife Management Area (WMA), Weslaco, TX.  NOTE: 40% Travel required.

Responsibilities: Under the direction of the Region IV Wildlife Director, the Las Palomas WMA Area Manager supervises all field activities, monitors the budget, WMA research projects, maintenance and operations, and program specific projects assigned to the Las Palomas WMA. Supervises and provides training/training opportunities for WMA employees, prepares administrative and technical reports, regulation proposals, and supervises all activities within the WMA Project. Responsible for the development of appropriate demonstrations, public use, and other public outreach and dissemination of information within the WMA Project. Provides technical assistance to citizens, land managers and communities in order to preserve habitat and urban wildlife. Disseminates information to the general public, NGOs, and other constituents of the Texas Parks & Wildlife Department (via telephone, mail, news media, group presentations, etc.). Promotes the Urban Wildlife Program to nature centers, non-profit conservation/education organizations and volunteers. Responsible for building public support for TPWD programs and wildlife conservation. Performs additional duties as assigned. Complies with all Agency, Division, and Branch rules, regulations, and procedures. (more…)