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Service Honored: Dan Krieg named to Plant & Soil Science Faculty Hall of Fame

Service Honored: Dan Krieg named to Plant & Soil Science Faculty Hall of Fame

Noted agronomist and cotton plant physiologist Dan Krieg has been named to Texas Tech University’s Department of Plant and Soil Science Faculty Hall of Fame. A reception honoring Krieg was held on Friday (Oct. 11) in the Goddard Building, honoring him as the fifth member to be added to the distinguished group.

Krieg served at Texas Tech throughout his professional career (1970-2005), culminating with the position of Leidigh Professor of Crop Physiology, a post he was honored with in 1996. He earned both his bachelor’s in agronomy and his doctorate in plant physiology from Texas A&M University.

“We’re all proud of Dr. Krieg’s contributions to science, and grateful now to recognize the value of his work,” said Richard Zartman, chairman of Tech’s Department of Plant and Soil Science.

When asked about the focus of his research earlier in his career, his answer was simple – water. “On the South Plains, we have an almost unlimited need for water and a limited amount to work with,” Krieg said. “To ensure that the agricultural and economic future remains bright, we must develop solutions for more efficient water use now. We want to develop plants and management systems which use this limited water resource with the greatest efficiency in producing crop yields.”

In addition to his academic interests, Krieg has been farming in Lubbock County since 1986. “I’m proud to be an American and especially a farmer because we are the source of food and fiber for the entire world,” he said. “Your food doesn’t come from United [Supermarket], it comes off of a farm and the American public needs to know that.”

Establishing himself as a farmer and leader is not all that Krieg has accomplished. His laboratory research, hard work and dedication to his many fields of study earned him the “Research Award in Cotton Physiology,” which was presented at the annual Beltwide Cotton Conference in Nashville. Following his retirement from Texas Tech, Krieg joined Delta and Pine Land Co. as a consultant, where he continued to use his extensive knowledge of cotton production in the area.

“I grew up on a farm, it’s in my blood, and I enjoy doing it,” Krieg said.

Written by Norman Martin

CONTACT: Richard Zartman, Department Chair and Leidigh Professor of Soil Physics, Department of Plant and Soil Science, Texas Tech University at (806) 742-2838 or


Editor’s Note: CASNR’s Director of Development and External Relations Jane Piercy reports that her office is launching the “Dr. Dan Krieg Scholarship.” If you’d like to make a gift by credit card, go to  and search “Dr. Dan Krieg”


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