A visit to our campus is key for students deciding if Texas Tech is a fit for them, and we provide plenty of opportunities. Our 1,850-acre campus gives you plenty of room to breathe while promoting a lively intellectual and social atmosphere. After visiting, you’ll see that Texas Tech is a place to build lasting friendships, a foundation for learning and an experience that will shape the rest of your life.

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The campus tour is a good way to get to see the campus and learn a little bit about some of the great history and traditions of the university.

How to Schedule a Visit
We recommend that students schedule an “official” visit with the Visitor’s Center. You can sign up with the visitor’s center at When you sign up, be sure to indicate that you are interested in the College of Agricultural Sciences and Natural Resources.

What will a Visit Be Like?
Your campus visit will have two parts: (A) Campus Tour and (B) a visit with the College. During your visit with the College, we will answer any questions you have and will talk about admission requirements, majors and career options, and scholarships and financial aid. If you like, after your visit, we can set up a meeting with a professor in the area(s) you are considering for a major.