Students in CASNR earn scholarships totaling $1.5 million.

Dr. Bill Bennett Student Success Center

The Dr. Bill Bennett Student Success Center provides resources to students majoring in agriculture. Students can visit the ARC Center to find out about student organizations, internship opportunities, college events, university resources, and career development. The center is located in the Dean's Office at Goddard 108.

Derik Pearson
Department: Plant and Soil Science
Major: Environmental Crop and Soil Science
Hometown: Levelland, TX
Scholarship: John Henry Dean Memorial Scholarship
"Being awarded scholarships through CASNR allows me the freedom to focus on my studies, class projects and extracurricular activities by easing my financial burden. Thanks CASNR."

Mai Lee Holmes
Department: Agricultural Education and Communications
Major: Agricultural Communications
Hometown: Katy, TX
Scholarship: R.A. Brown Ranch Ag Scholarship
"For me, scholarships mean endless opportunities knocking, just waiting to be answered. With the rising costs of college tuition, scholarships have greatly helped me focus on achieving my goal of receiving a higher education while at the same time alleviating the added stress of being in college. I’ve been able to become active with several campus organizations and make the lasting friendships that we have always heard about from our parents. Without the assistance of such a supportive community and alumni association, many students, like myself, would not be as successful or be here today."

Jett Mason
Department: Agricultural Education and Communications
Major: Interdisciplinary Agriculture-Teaching Option
Hometown: Brownfield, TX
Scholarship: Dean’s Silver Scholarship
"Scholarship offers were one of the largest deciding factors in my decision to attend to Texas Tech. If it weren't for the scholarships I received, I might not be here today. I’m truly appreciative of what I have here, because I love Texas Tech University."