Scholarship Information

The College of Agricultural Sciences and Natural Resources recognizes scholastic capability as well as qualities of leadership, citizenship, and character. Scholarships are available for all students. The deadline for entering freshmen is February 1st of each year, while the deadline for transfer students is March 1st.. Entering freshmen or transfer students may apply online at or by contacting the Financial Aid Office at (806) 742-3681. A university-wide application must be completed and will be distributed to CASNR and to the department within CASNR that your major falls into, enabling you to apply for scholarships at all three levels (university, college and department) with only one application.

How to Apply for a Scholarship

After visiting (where the Texas Common Application for Admission is located) complete and save at least the first 3 pages of the admissions application. Then click "My Applications" and then "Create a New Scholarship Application" (your scholarship application will be pre-populated with the information you have already typed on the admissions application). Currently enrolled students can apply at Click on "How to Apply ", then go to "Current Student Scholarship Application ".


Be sure to complete the FASFA online at if you want to be considered for need-based scholarships. Students do not need to complete a scholarship application to be considered for a merit-based entering freshman scholarship, but they are encouraged to in order to maximize their scholarship opportunities. Students should complete the application so they can compete for need-based and major-specific scholarships, too. Students do not have to fill out the FASFA to get a scholarship. Most merit based and specific major scholarships don’t require the FAFSA. If a student wants to compete for need-based scholarships, the FAFSA is required.

What to do with a Hometown Scholarship

If you get a scholarship from your hometown you should ask your donor to make the check out to Texas Tech University. The donor should include your name, social security number, and disbursement instructions. The check should be mailed to the Texas Tech Scholarship Office, PO Box 45011, Lubbock Texas 79409-5011. All scholarship funds will be applied to your tuition charges. Be sure and report any scholarships you are expecting to receive to the Texas Tech Financial Aid Office.

Honors College Application

If a student applies to the Honors College that application is only used for admission to the Honors College, it is not a scholarship application. The application is an addition to the Texas Common Application for Admission that is used by the Tech Admissions Office. While admission to the Honors College has its specific benefits, students should contact the Honors College at (806) 742-1828 for more information.

Other Scholarship Opportunities

In order for a student to find scholarship opportunities outside of the university they should do an internet search for the word "scholarships". This will give the student lots of matches. Always be wary of services that are offered for a fee – free information can be found on sites like or The reference librarian at your public library should also be able to help you find books listing groups that offer scholarships. Students can also ask their employer or their parents’ employer if they offer scholarships or payment assistance programs for employees or employees’ dependents.

Scholarship Criteria

Most scholarships awarded to entering freshmen are based on upper 20 percent ranking in the graduating class and entrance examination scores of 1110 or above on the SAT1 or 24 on the ACT. However, some will be awarded with lower scores when exceptional leadership has been demonstrated and financial need is a principal criterion. Recipients of college scholarships must follow a degree plan typical of a declared major within the college.

College and Departmental Level Scholarships

All college-level scholarships are administered by the Dean of the College of Agricultural Sciences and Natural Resources through the college’s Scholarships and Awards Committee, which consists of one faculty member from each of the six departments. Departmental scholarships are administered by the department chairperson through the department’s Scholarship Committee.

Dean’s Scholar Scholarship

This scholarship is available for high school students planning to major in the College of Agricultural Sciences and Natural Resources. Awards are based on entrance examination scores and standing in high school graduating class as well as leadership, sound character, and good citizenship. The Gold Award is a $14,400 scholarship payable over 4 years ($3,600/year) and requires a minimum SAT1 score of 1420 or ACT score of 32 and must be in the top 5 percent of his or her graduating class. The Silver Award is a $9,600 scholarship payable over 4 years ($2,400/year) and requires a minimum SAT1 score of 1340 or ACT score of 30 and must be in the top 10 percent of his or her graduating class. Both scholarships are renewable each year provided a minimum 3.5 GPA for gold awards and 3.3 GPA for silver awards is maintained each semester on a minimum of 12 hours. These scholarships were established by the college to reward academic excellence and to encourage highly capable young men and women to major in agricultural sciences and natural resources.

Please visit the College and Departmental Scholarships page for a complete list of scholarships within the college and its departments.