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Feeding Outdoor Pigs

An example of feed forms is shown here:

Pigs are fed in a line in an attempt to spread the feed out and avoid competition among sows. In this picture, the feed line is along the fence on a pasture recently occupied by sows.

Feed can be delivered by a number of means. One system observed in Brazil is to use a horse and cart.

Buckets of feed are scooped out and thrown over the fence (this is not a pelleted feed).

When feed is hand-fed with a bucket, it is best to spread the feed out. Here the sows are fed a cubed feed on the ground in Texas. The bucket is filled at the feed wagon.

Feed can be contained in bulk bins or in sacks or other containers. Here are overhead bulk bins for outdoor sow feed. Note that the tractor drives under the bins to fill the feed box that is pulled by the tractor:

The most worker-friendly feeding system is to pull a feed wagon with a tractor. The feed wagon has an arm that extends over the fence to feed the sows.