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Pictures of Outdoor Pigs

Below are some pictures of outdoor pigs from around the world. Examples include England, Texas, Colorado, Spain, Brazil, Mexico, Hungry and Australia. Please click Pictures of Outdoor Pigs for more pictures and information

Outdoor finishing of pigs is more of a challenge than for the  sow herd, at least in terms of attempting to maintain ground cover.  These pigs were part of a study of the effects of birth and rearing environments on pig growth and carcass traits (including taste).  Click for the report.

Yucatan, Mexico
Sent by:
Dr. Ronald Santos
Universidad Autonoma de Yucatan
Merida, Yucatan, Mexico
Sent by:
Augusto Villarreal
INTA Leales
Sent by:
Jasper Agterbosch
The Netherlands
Sent by:
António Pedro Andrade Vicente
Escola Superior Agrária
de Santarém
Qta do Galinheiro
S. Pedro Apart. 310
2001-904 SANTARÉM
Sent by Craig Lewis. 
Craig was an exchange student
in 2002/3 between the
Royal Agricultural College
in the UK
and Texas Tech University
in Lubbock, Texas. 
Outdoor pig herds
(left and left,
middle and right below).
not too far from Ipswich

You see many gestating
and lactating sows on this site.
The ground cover is minimal. 
Often in this region, farmers use
a rotation of wheat,
potatoes, and pigs.
New environmental  regulations
may impact this production system.
West Texas
(near Lubbock, Texas, USA) 

West Texas is an ideal place
to raise pigs outdoors. 
The climate is low in humidity,
the topography is very flat 
and the weather is mild,
with an occasional dusting of snow,
but very warm, dry summers. 
The local population is oriented
towards agriculture. 
The local pig industry
is growing (primarily indoors). 
For more information contact:
John McGlone
East Texas
the Slanker Farm,
operated by Ted and Chris,
have cattle, chickens and,
recently, outdoor pigs. 
They have some
white commercial crossbred pigs
and some Tamworths, too. 
It is a mixed species,
grazing-based farm.
Photos courtesy of
Juan de Dios Vargas Giraldo. 
The darker skinned pigs
are Iberian pigs,
thought to be descended
from selected breeding
during the Roman Empire. 
These are also
the sort of pigs
thought to be carried
by early Spanish explorers. 
Eastern Europe
SE Colorado
The climate is dry and
a large amount of grain is
produced in near-by
Western Kansas.