Texas Tech University

Arlene Garcia, Ph.D. Student

I did my undergraduate studies at Sul Ross State University in Veterinary Technology and Animal Health Management. I came to Texas Tech University and did my Master's in Equine Parasitology under Dr. Heidi Brady in 2010. My thesis was on Equine Cyathostome Resistance to Fenbendazole. My course work also gave me the opportunity to gain knowledge in equine reproductive physiology which I truly enjoyed. I collected stallions, bred mares, and did pregnancy checks with Dr. Kim Guay. After graduation I decided I wanted to go into the veterinary field. I set up a veterinary technician program at a local college. As the director of the veterinary technology program I set up the curriculum, made syllabi's, and discovered my passion for teaching. I then decided to pursue a Doctorate in Animal Welfare under Dr. John McGlone. I am currently working on the use of bedding on ramps to reduce falling and slipping while loading and unloading weaning and finishing pigs.

Under Dr. McGlone I have had the opportunity to be part of different studies including immunocastration, pheromones, transportation and ramp studies. I am thankful for the great people I work with and for the great things I am a part of in this group.

Laboratory of Animal Behavior, Physiology and Welfare