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2003 McGlone Family Reunion
July 19th, 2003 Myrtle Beach, SC

The 2003 McGlone Family reunion celebrated the 50th Wedding Anniversary of John and Maura McGlone and The 80th Birthday of John Thomas McGlone (born June 5, 1923). The event had many friends and family present. Pictures are below.

Maura and John T. McGlone (seated). Thomas J. McGlone (Standing over John T's shoulder). Children, spouses of children and Cousins.

Siblings and Cousins.
Left to Right: Thomas, Timothy, Patrick, Danielle, John, Felix, Billy (all McGlone) and Robert Byington (Mother was Bea McGlone).

First and Second Cousins.

Felix McGlone family and John T. McGlone

Felix McGlone family with Mr. & Mrs. Thomas McGlone (the uncle)

Felix McGlone and Willie McGlone (from Scotland)