Student Accomplishments - Summer 2017

Carolina Alamilla, 2nd year MFA student in Ceramics, attended a class titled "Making Do" with Sherri Lynn Wood at Penland School of Crafts in July. The class consists of connecting to patchwork quilting's roots in scarcity. The process will activate a level of creativity that may only be possible when freed from unlimited choices. The recognition and collaboration with natural shapes, limitations of materials, will reveal geometries and new patterns.

Gail Dentler, MAE student, presented her Thesis Capstone Exhibition in the School of Art Building South Gallery at the end of June.

Jason Derouin, PhD student in the Fine Arts - Art Doctoral Program, completed his curatorial project entitled SOLUS: Considering Bachelorhood in America at the end of June. For this project Derouin developed a thesis on bachelorhood, conducted research and contacted artists whose practice visually supports his thesis. The project is presented as an online-only exhibition via the School of Art website and can be viewed [HERE]. Derouin will be one of three School of Art students participating in the Marfa Intensive program in August.

Jesse Dodington, 2nd year MFA student in Painting, received a Tending Space Fellowship for artists from the Hemera Foundation to attend a week-long zen sesshin in Red Feather Lakes Colorado starting June 17th. Dodington also received the Lasater Drawing and Painting Scholarship, a full scholarship to attend a two-week drawing or painting workshop at Penland. Instructors for this course include, Kathy Steinsberger & Mary Ann Zotto, titled "The Storyteller's Muse," the workshop is a blending of concepts, structure, and visual narratives. Each artist will meld book-building and drawing to create personal stories.

Niloofar Gholamrezaei, Fine Arts - Art Doctoral program student, will be on campus enrolled in summer courses. Her course in Philosophy will assist in learning more about critical thinking and building stronger arguments. She is teaching Drawing I and working in the studio with plans to have a solo exhibition in the very near future.

John Gueltzau, 2nd year MFA student in Ceramics, has two exhibitions scheduled for the summer through next year. His ceramic installations will be on exhibit during the St. Joseph Sculpture Walk at the Allied Arts Council of St. Joseph, St. Joseph, Missouri, June 9, 2017 through May 14, 2018 and "Veterans Views," Springfield Art Museum, Springfield, MO, July 22 - November 26, 2017.

Liv Johnson, 3rd year MFA student in Printmaking, taught printmaking for the middle school and high school Summer Discovery Art Program sessions.

Nicolle LaMere, May 2017 MFA graduate in Ceramics in May 2017, will participate in the 2017 Marfa Intensive Summer Program in July/August.

Nathan Parker Collins, Senior in Photography, was the 2017 recipient of the Penland Scholarship, awarded by the Scholarship Committee in a competitive process to one student each spring.  The award allowed Collins to travel in June to the Penland Center for the Arts in Penland, North Carolina to participate in the workship called "Photographing Strangers" which was taught by Jim Stone. 

Monica Prado, 2nd year MFA student in Printmaking, is working at the West Texas A&M Print Shop supervised under her undergraduate professor and Scott Frish, a McNair Mentor. She will also assist the SOA in the recruitment of undergraduate students for the TTU Printmaking program. Her plans also include participating in the Marfa Intensive Program in August.

MAE student Zack Smith is a Print Fellow at the Charles Adams Studio Project in Lubbock teaching workshops including a woodcut relief workshop.

Sarah Spomer, 3rd year MFA student in Jewelry Design and Metalsmithing, received the Friends of Arrowmont Scholarship to attend the workshop titled "Painted Enamel Jewelry: From Start to Finish", presented by Mi-Sook Hur, June 18-24, 2017. Spomer is also working with  Texas Tech alumna Andrea Jackson, who is teaching at her studio, Stutz Business and Arts Center in Indianapolis. Spomer's goal is to broaden her technical horizons to improve her teaching capacities.

Lorena Williams, MAE student from El Paso, presented her Thesis Capstone Exhibition in the School of Art Building Folio Gallery in June.