The Visual Resource Center (VRC) of the School of Art at TTU is located in room B10 in the basement of the art building. It houses over 140,000, 35-mm art historical slides, 500 books, and 200 DVDs for students and faculty to use for course-related study and instructional material. The VRC also maintains a collection of art magazines, including Modern Painters, eyeMagazine, afterimage, and FlashArt.

VRC Hours

8:30 A.M. to 5:30 P.M. Monday – Friday
Hours during inter-sessions and holidays may vary and will be posted.

The VRC provides a convenient access point for art students to use Adobe Suite applications, access the Internet, print papers and make copies using their RaiderCard. The VRC contains a public scanning station where students and faculty can digitize material using a large-format Epson GT-15000 scanner (capable of scanning up to 9,600 DPI). The VRC also supplies a Nikon SCS 4000 slide scanner. Patrons can edit images using Adobe Suite applications, including Photoshop and Illustrator on a 24-inch iMac.

The mission of the VRC is to supplement art curricula and faculty instruction by providing access to technological and material resources to all members of the School of Art. Students pursuing any discipline of art are encouraged to take advantage of the wide array of software, magazines, books, movies, and slides the VRC provides.

Printing Resources

Students use their RaiderCard to pay for prints and make copies in the VRC. Printing costs 10 cents per page. Your RaiderCard account is not the same as your Dining Bucks plan. For information on how to add funds to your account, visit You can also use the print kiosks in the main library to add funds to your card with cash. The VRC cannot accept cash or coinage.

Using Visual Material for Class

Faculty are encouraged to use Blackboard for teaching instruction with visual material. Blackboard is an online course system that allows instructors to disseminate images, slides, articles, and assignments to students under an easy to access, protected educational umbrella. To place a course on Blackboard, please click here.

The VRC can no longer provide web space for instructional material. Faculty are welcome to come to the VRC to receive help developing online instructional material from scanned images and articles. The Teaching, Learning, and Technology Center (TLTC) in the main library offers courses on how to use Blackboard. For a complete class schedule please click here.

Scanning Request Form

Faculty can download and print a scanning request form to request images, articles, or slides to be scanned. Please allow the following amount of time for requests:

  • 1 to 50 images: 3 days
  • 50 to 100 images: 5 days
  • 100+ images: 10 days

Please submit all requests at least two weeks before the start of a semester.

Book & DVD Collection

The VRC maintains a modest collection of books and DVDs intended as an art-focused supplement to the main library. Several course textbooks are available, as well as reference books and job search-related material. Students may review textbooks, art books, and DVDs within the VRC. Checkout of material will be determined by the curator in extenuating circumstances.

Periodicals & Magazine Collection

The VRC keeps an updated stock of art-related magazines for students to review within the VRC. We also keep archived copies of several magazines, such as issues of The Art Bulletin dating back to 1955 and issues of Art in America dating back to 1958.