Texas Tech University


Name Title Field
Art History     
Kevin Chua, Ph.D. Associate Professor  18th and 19th-century European Art and Southeast Asian art [University of California at Berkeley]
Constance Cortez, Ph.D. Associate Professor  Colonial Art of Mexico, 19th and 20th- century Mexican Art, Contemporary Latino/a Art, Post-Colonial Studies and Memory [University of California at Los Angeles]
Janis Elliott, Ph.D. Associate Professor  Late Medieval-Early Renaissance Italy; Gothic art and architecture; Late Medieval kingship/ queenship; female patronage [University of Warwick (UK)]
Jorgelina Orfila,
Associate Professor  20th - 21st Century Art [University of Maryland, College Park]
Brian Steele, Ph.D. Associate Professor and Associate Dean, College of Visual and Performing Arts Renaissance & Baroque; Venetian School [University of Iowa]
Graphic Design    
Dirk Fowler (BFA) Associate Professor   West Texas State University
Francisco Ortega, Ph.D. Associate Professor   Texas Tech University
Dennis Schmickle (MFA) Assistant Professor  University of Nebraska, Lincoln
Carla Tedeschi (MFA) Associate Professor  Rochester Institute of Technology
Fine Arts Doctoral Program-Art    
Heather Warren-Crow, Ph.D. Assistant Professor  Interdisciplinary Arts, in the College of Visual & Performing Arts [University of California at Berkeley]
Studio Art    
Cody Arnall (MFA) Assistant Professor Sculpture [Louisiana State University, Baton Rouge, LA]
William Cannings (MFA) Associate Professor   Sculpture [Syracuse University]
Stacy Elko (MFA) Associate Professor  Printmaking [Indiana University]
Carol Flueckiger (MFA) Associate Professor  Foundations [University of New Mexico]
Ghislaine Fremaux (MFA) Assistant Professor  Painting [Pennsylvania State University, State College, PA]
Tina Fuentes (MFA) Professor  Painting [University of North Texas]
Robin Germany (MFA) Professor and Associate Director Photography [University of North Texas]
Rob Glover (MFA) Professor  Jewelry Design & Metalsmithing [Indiana University]
Jiawei Gong (MFA) Assistant Professor  Digital/Transmedia Arts [Southern Illinois University, Carbondale]
Juan Granados (MFA) Professor Ceramics [The Ohio State University]
David Lindsay (MFA) Associate Professor and Associate Director Foundations [Indiana University of Pennsylvania]
Andrew Martin (MFA) Professor and Associate Dean, College of Visual and Performing Arts Drawing and Painting [University of California, Los Angeles]
Terry Morrow (MS) Professor Drawing and Printmaking [Indiana University]
Nancy Slagle (MFA) Associate Professor and Associate Director Studio Art [Indiana University]
Lydia Thompson (MFA) Director, School of Art and Professor Ceramics [Alfred University]
Von Venhuizen (MFA) Associate Professor Ceramics [Indiana University]
Don Wink (MFA) Professor Painting [Washington]
Sang-Mi Yoo (MFA) Associate Professor Foundations and Printmaking [The Ohio State University]
Visual Studies    
Future Akins-Tillett (MFA)   Associate Professor Texas Tech University
Ed Check, Ph.D. Associate Professor University of Wisconsin-Madison
Andrés Peralta, Ph.D. Assistant Professor University of North Texas, Denton