Texas Tech University

Course Descriptions and Prerequisites

Area of Emphasis

Art 2388: Design Process


Prerequisite :: art 1303 and 1302 or by permission of instructor

Preparation of application materials for submission to the faculty in consideration of
graphic design program acceptance.

Art 3385: Computer Design Methods I

prerequisite :: art 2388 and program acceptance

Technical aspects of digital imaging. stresses use of digital peripherals to capture and construct images, vector drawing, file integration, and digital production.

Art 4359: Design history (lecture)

prerequisite :: art 3385 and 3381

Examination of the evolution of the graphic arts. discusses design innovators as well as styles and movements. emphasis placed on the 20th century.

Art 3386: Computer Design Methods II

prerequisite :: art 3385 and 3381

Technical aspects of page layout, file integration and digital production will be introduced
including digital peripherals.

Art 3381: Typography

2388 and program acceptance

Theoretical and practical survey of visual typography. typographic fundamentals, historical contexts, visual organization, meaning and expressive qualities of type as visual form and visible language.

Art 3382: Symbols

prerequisite :: art 3385 and 3381

Exploration of symbols in design communication. meaning, concept development, process, research and problem solving are emphasized including appropriateness and responsibility to communicate effectively.

Art 3384: Visual Systems

Prerequisite :: Art 3382, 3386, and 4359

development of integrated design systems and their systematic application of visual continuity emphasis on concept and the relationship between content and form.

 Art 4360 Advanced Visual Systems

prerequisite :: art 3384 and 4357

Development of integrated deign systems combining print and screen-based media.
emphasis on visual and concept continuity

Art 4357: Web Media Design 

3382, 3386 and 4359

Fundamentals of website design and authoring tools applied to information structure,
project work flow, functionality and interface experience related to the professional field
of communication design.

Art 4365 : Advanced Design Process

prerequisite :: art 4360 and 4380

Alternative methods of ideation and concept development will be explored as they relate to project development.

Art 4380: Publication of Design

prerequisite :: art 3384 and 4357

Sequential design and structural systems dealing with type, image, and form. Emphasizes concept development, research, writing, and presentation skills

Art 4370: Advanced Publication Design 

prerequisite :: art 4360 and 4380

An experimental and concept driven investigation into print, and screen-based publication emphasis on creativity, authorship, and production.

Art 4382: Portfolio Development

prerequisites :: art 4365 and 4370

Final portfolio preparation and refinement.

Art 4379: Professional practices in graphic design (lecture)

prerequisites :: art 4365 and 4370


examines the process of career development and planning that includes self-assessment, job search strategies and awareness of workplace issues. variety of topics necessary for successful transition from academia to the workplace covered

Area of Emphasis Elective

Student Choice

A student may select one of the following to satisfy the required credit hours: one additional art history course, one an additional studio course or a graphic design internship (art 4350 :: topics in graphic design)