Texas Tech University

MFA :: Painting + Drawing


Graduate students pursuing a Master of Fine Arts degree in art with an emphasis in Painting complete a minimum of 21 credit hours in Graduate Painting courses and independent study with graduate faculty.  Drawing is available as a possible secondary emphasis (minimum of 12 credit hours) for any MFA graduate student in studio art.  At the graduate level, students are expected to be able to demonstrate depth and breadth of technical knowledge and skill, awareness of art historical and contemporary issues in art, and persistent dedication in the production of original creative work.  Students in the MFA program in art with an emphasis in Painting typically produce works that demonstrate a wide variety of approaches to media, process, and imagery, and are encouraged to develop individual working methodologies most appropriate to their own interests, backgrounds and personal experiences.


Tina Fuentes (MFA)
Andrew W. Martin (MFA)
Terry Morrow (MFA)
Don Wink (MFA)
Carol Flueckiger (MFA)
David Lindsay (MFA)
Ghislaine Fremaux (MFA)

Graduate Students

Alberto Careaga:: Third Year
Ashley Busby:: Third Year
Alexis McGrigg:: Second Year
Libby Kay Sanchez :: First YearS.
Zach Morriss :: First Year
Bristen Phillips :: First Year
Patrick Quarm :: First Year


Painting Studio Guide & Safety Plan
Drawing Studio Guide & Safety Plan