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Beyond Printmaking 5
2017 National Juried Exhibition

March 25 – April 23, 2017

Beyond Printmaking 5       BP5 Symposium

Beyond Printmaking 5: 2017 National Juried Exhibition
MARCH 25–APRIL 23, 2017

Beyond Printmaking is an art competition and exhibition organized by the Printmaking Area and Landmark Arts at Texas Tech School of Art.

Historically, printmaking has been considered not only as a visual means through multiples, but also as a pioneer of technology and new meanings. As technology changes ever more rapidly, many contemporary artists who originally started with printmaking as their primary medium are using interdisciplinary approaches to embrace the needs of our time.

As much as printmaking has been loved for its traditional resonance, its versatility applied in multimedia sees no limitations. In this 5th exhibition, we are looking for artists who have a vision of printmaking beyond the traditional practices, who push the technological and conceptual limits of what is considered printmaking.

Beyond Printmaking 5 is a hybrid exhibition. While most of the works will be selected from the submissions received, the curator will have an opportunity to “fill in the gaps” with curated works, works of her own choosing from invited artists. This practice, first begun with Beyond Printmaking 4, helps assure that the exhibition more fully explore and present the expanded field of printmaking.

Patricia Villalobos Echeverría has a hybrid practice of photos, prints, videos and installations. She has received numerous grants including a Creative Heights Residency Fellowship from the Heinz Endowment and was a fellow at the MacDowell Arts Colony. She received an MFA from West Virginia University and a BFA from Louisiana State University. Her work was part of the "Post-Digital Printmaking: Redefinition of the concept of matrix" at Neon Gallery (Wrocław, Poland) in 2015. She is Professor of Art at the Frostic School of Art, Western Michigan University.

After reviewing hundreds of submissions, the following artworks have been selected by the juror for Beyond Printmaking 5.
   • Kristen Bartel’s American Dream: Spigot with Snow
   • Judith Baumann’s Dead Wrestlers: Their Words
   • Diana Behl’s Maybe Bermuda
   • Anne Beidler’s Beidler_A_1
   • Frol Boundin’s Sphere #4
   • Ann Chernow’s Rendezous in Black
   • Teresa Cole’s Seep Variation #3
   • Deborah Cornell’s Reflecting_Place_II
   • Melissa Haviland’s Table Linens: Chairs
   • Tom Hollenback’s Untitled (2015, augmented relief print on wood, 11 x 8 x 1.5 inches)
   • Joseph Lupo’s PAL?
   • Wayne Madsen’s flickr_avg_1
   • Nichole Maury’s Fretwork
   • Nathan Meltz’s Fracture in the Crystal City
   • Indrani Nayar-Gall’s Beyond_Square I
   • Philana Oliphant’s Whipporwill
   • Jim Pearson’s Landscape, Memory and Bone WKL
   • Dana Potter’s Survey of Digital Actions (6)
   • Jeffrey Rinehart’s I Win History
   • Tonja Torgerson’s Cost I & II
   • Erik Waterkotte’s Intra Montem Salis III

The Landmark Arts exhibitions and speaker programs at the Texas Tech School of Art are supported by generous a grant from the Helen Jones Foundation and support from Cultural Activities Fees administered through the J.T. & Margaret Talkington College of Visual & Performing Arts. Beyond Printmaking 5 has received additional support from the Ryla T. & John F. Lott Endowment for Excellence in the Visual Arts, administered through the TTU School of Art.