Saturday Morning Art Project

imageThe Saturday Morning Art Project is a program for talented high school art students from the city of Lubbock and the surrounding area. Established in 1980 by Terry Morrow, Professor of Drawing & Printmaking, this project has been supported, for the last fourteen years, by generous grants from The Helen Jones Foundation of Lubbock.

During the past twenty-one years, the Saturday Morning Art Project has contributed to the education of talented high school art students. Many former participants of this program have gone on to pursue successful professional art careers.

The Saturday Morning Art Project identifies talented high school art students in the immediate Lubbock area and its surrounding school districts. The project serves approximately twenty gifted students annually. Through this project talented art students experience numerous traditional and contemporary visual art processes through hands-on workshops in figure drawing, printmaking, book construction, jewelry metal casting, clay sculpture, and lectures on how to function in the college environment. Potential career possibilities in the field of art are also presented to participants.  Students meet with artists and scholars who discuss the nature of visual art from a wide variety ofimage viewpoints. In addition, they attend exhibitions at the Museum of Texas Tech University, the Buddy Holly Fine Arts Center, the Landmark Arts Galleries, and the Louise Hopkins Underwood Center for the Arts.

The art sessions are specifically planned to provide enrichment experiences that may not be consistently available to students through the usual public school art curriculum.

Robly Glover
Robly Glover (MFA)
SMAP Coordinator

Von Venhuizen
Von Venhuizen (MFA)
Associate Professor