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Support New School of Art Scholarship Endowments

The School of Art is grateful to the many donors who have provided the Scholarship Endowments which annually generate funds to recognize outstanding graduate and undergraduate students for their work and achievements and to provide them with supplemental financial support.

Through the efforts of the Medici Circle and friends of the School of Art, we continue our efforts to increase the amount of scholarship funding available to students enrolled in the Art programs. Join the Medici Circle now and support student scholarships by making a charitable contribution now.Click here.

Recently created scholarship endowments seek additional support from friends of the individuals honored by the funds.

The E. Grey Lewis Memorial Medici Circle Art Scholarship Endowment was approved and created by the Medici Circle to honor Grey's memory soon after his sudden death in November 2010. The Medici Circle sought to recognized that he was a great lover of the arts in the Lubbock Community and served on many of the Boards of the arts organizations in the community. An additional anonymous gift of $12,000 was made to the endowment in September 2011 bringing the value of the corpus of the endowment to over $22,000. Because the endowment supports scholarships for graduate students in the School of Art at a strategic moment in the history of the University as it seeks to achieve Tier 1 Research University status, we invite the friends of Grey Lewis to join us in reaching our target goal of $50,000 for this endowment. To make a secure online contribution to this endowment through the Texas Tech Office of Institutional Advancement, click on the endowment name above.

The Terry Morrow – Medici Circle Art Scholarship Endowment was announced during the School of Art’s (ART) fall 2010 Homecoming Alumni Reunion on November 6th. Currently in his 42nd year as art professor in drawing and printmaking at Texas Tech, Terry has always been ready to come forward as needed, which showcases his outstanding service and regard for students and the faculty. He spent eight of those years as Assistant Art Department Chairman, Art Department Chairman or Director when the school was called the Art Department, and twice as Interim Director of ART. He is a perennial favorite professor with students and sought after as a colleague. It is an accomplishment that current students, faculty, and alumni applaud. If you wish to contribute to this scholarship endowment, click on the endowment name above to go to a secure Texas Tech page where you can make an online donation with a credit card.

Nancy Naumann was an alumna of the School of Art printmaking program. An extraordinary artist with a wide range of interests, Nancy’s art included painting, printmaking, mixed media, jewelry, and installation art. Creativity was central to her being, and the journey was everything. Her indomitable life force permeated her art. The Nancy Naumann Memorial Art Scholarship Endowment was created by Steven and Julie Glaser with additional support from Nancy Naumann’s family and friends to support scholarships for graduate students in studio art. To make a secure online donation in her memory, please click on the endowment name above.

The Mrs. Linda S. and Dr. John M. Filippone, Jr. – Medici Circle Art Scholarship Endowment was established by the family and friends of Dr. John Filippone with additional support from the Medici Circle soon after he lost his battle to cancer in January 2009. Along with his wife Linda, John was a lifelong collector of fine art and supporter of artists and arts organizations throughout the Lubbock community. While John’s kindness, wit, and generosity are missed, this endowment will continue to support young artists as John and Linda have done. Click on the endowment name above to make a secure online contribution.

The Bill Lockhart Art Scholarship Endowment was put together in 2007 by Ken Dixon, founding President of the Medici Circle, and the many friends of Bill Lockhart. As founding Director of the Art Department, Bill was the Guest of Honor during the 40th Anniversary Celebration. By September when the celebration was held, $20,000 had been collected into the endowment. Bill Lockhart died in August 2009 and Bill’s friends continue to add to the Endowment in his memory. Click on the endowment name above to make a secure online contribution.